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In the OLA Language School we do all kinds of translations providing excellent quality for an affordable price range.

The more complex translations are performed with the help of two translators and native speakers.
(Eg.: The translation of a text from Ukrainian into Spanish, is made through a Ukrainian translator with native-speaking translator).

We also work with various dialects of Castilian, such as the Castilian Spanish, Argentine, Mexican, neutral, etc..

Through this approach, we would do better translations avoiding changes and leaving intact the sense  transmitted by the works and texts, helping to keep those meanings that can be hidden between the lines, rather than focusing on translating single words. That's why we work with the best translators around the world.

Having our offices located in Ukraine allows us to have more competitive and affordable prices than those offered by other American or European agencies.

Languages we work with:

from Ukrainian into Russian, English, Spanish, German, Polish, Japanese, Chinese

from Russian into Ukrainian, English, Spanish, German, Polish, Japanese, Chinese

from Spanish into Russian, Ukrainian, English

from English into Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Chinese

from German into Russian, Ukrainian, English

from Japanese into Russian, Ukrainian

from Chinese into Russian, Ukrainian

from Polish into Russian, Ukrainian, English

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