About school

OLA Language School in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine, welcomes you to the exciting experience of knowing new cultures

A foreign language gives you the ability to look at the world in a completely different way. Use it!

We offer courses of Ukrainian for foreigners, English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Polish, and Arabic. Our courses of learning foreign languages ​​include useful and interesting information about the cultures of other countries.

Language is not only communication, but knowledge as well. During the course you will learn an enormous amount of new data and will talk about the topics that you speak about with your friends, and much more ...

The choice of courses of study depends on the desire to learn from the students and have a minimum duration of one month, where students are guided by one of the teachers. The practice pays very high, since communication with native speakers is crucial for learning the language quickly and effectively. 

OLA Language School has various educational programs with different study objectives. There are courses for adults; such programs are primarily concerned with colloquial language and widely used basic vocabulary. We study only the phrases and words apt for situations of business or vacation. 

OLA School is the school offering Ukrainian language courses for foreigners in Khmel'nyts'kyi. Learning a language in a native speaking environment is the most effective way. We also have volunteer programs for those with fewer resources who want to learn Ukrainian.

Contact us to find out more +38 (067) 3116634.

Nice atmosphere and qualified educators are waiting.

Of course you're going to find friends!

And we assure you that you will enjoy it!

Our schools

OLA Club Khmelnytsky is:


  • regular meetings with foreigners and "conversational classes";
  • watching films with a qualified teacher (explaining vocabulary, discussing what you saw).

OLA Club Kamianets-Podilskyi is:


  • regular meetings with foreigners and " conversational classes "
  • watching films with a qualified teacher (explaining vocabulary, discussing what you saw).