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OLA in Khmelnytskyi

Ola Language School in Khmelnitskyi cordially invites you to join an exciting journey into foreign culture.

Knowledge of a foreign language - a glimpse into another world. We offer study in English, Spanish, German, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish and Arabic for Ukrainians as well as Russian and Ukrainian language courses ​​for foreigners. Courses consist of learning a foreign language combined with useful and interesting information about the culture of foreign countries.

Why learn a language at OLA school?

  1. The low prices for language courses in Khmelnitskyi. For 296 UAH per month you will get 8 lessons of general English language courses as well as four speaking lessons with native speakers (American) + four fun listening sessions watching the popular US series Friends, with an explanation of vocabulary and a discussion after watching the show. 296 UAH per month - 8 lessons on the course + 8 Speaking Club sessions.
  2. The low number of students per group. For 296 UAH per month on our General English Language Course, a study group consists of just 5-7 students. For 336 UAH per month – Groups consist of just four. 

  3. Constant communication with native speakers. Learning a foreign language with native speakers (foreigners) always gives good results. That’s why at Ola, we welcome Britons, Americans, and other native English speakers. In addition, all students at the school have the opportunity to attend our free Saturday speaking club, conducted by native speakers. For those who are not students, Saturday's activities cost 150 UAH for four weeks attendance. (A student would be someone who attends classes at the school at least 2 times a week). 

  4. The possibility of continuing your education abroad. The administrative fee for students who have completed their course at Ola (or not having yet completed the course, have been enrolled for more than 6 months), is 500 UAH. Several times a year the school conducts group travel experiences to study abroad (in the UK, Spain, France, etc.) to consolidate the language skills already mastered during your training period with Ola. The training abroad depends on the requirements of the group, and usually ranges from 2 to 4 weeks. Students are accompanied by a teacher from the school. Individual travel unaccompanied by a teacher from the school can last from 1 to 11 months. This has already shown good results and proved that immediate live communication with native speakers is the best way to quickly and effectively learn a foreign language and to make friends. 

  5. A variety of language programs. Depending on your aims in learning the language, you can choose: - The Ola General course - Rapid Rate Intensive Immersion Course (3 months or 6 months) - Business language Course (English for Business, management and marketing) - Exam Preparation for TOEFL, IELTS English Language (DELE Spanish) and others. - Preparation for testing - Spanish Literature Course (in Spanish) -World History Course (Taught in English).

  6. You learn not only the language but also the culture and mentality of its speakers. Learning with us you are not just learning new words and grammar, you broaden your own world view, become immersed in the traditions and culture of your language. Just like Columbus, you will discover the New World in the classroom on our Spanish course. On our Japanese Course you will take part in a variety of stimulating cultural activities such as Origami and traditional Japanese gift wrapping. 

A friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a team of qualified teachers are waiting for you.

Call us for more information:

Administrator - Catherine: (0382) 70-78-76 or (096) 9-70-78-76 (13:00 to 20:00)
English Methodologist - Viktoriya: (068) 36-00-108 (9:00 to 17:00)
Manager of International Programs - Alina: (096) 5-66-11-66 (9:00 to 17:00)

OLA Language School in Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi