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About us

Ola Language School is based on a European approach to learning foreign languages. Learn a language directly in class, in the school’s café or even abroad. Practice it by playing Mafia or watching Friends. What we offer:

- 12 comfortable classrooms designed to provide group and one-on-one learning opportunities. The classes are taught by qualified and devoted Ukrainian teachers and native speakers.

- International Programs Office for those interested in studying abroad, whether it is language courses or higher education.

- OLA Healthy Café for those interested in healthy eating combined with a foreign language practice. On weekdays from 5 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. come practice ordering in English. You can choose what to order from our menu which includes American and British desserts, hot drinks, various fresh juices and much more.

- OLA Club packed with foreign language learning activities which include conversation classes with native speakers, watching TV shows and playing Mafia. It is open every Saturday to every OLA Language School student.

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Languages we offer to learn


If you have foreign friends why not suggest that they take this course? It is oriented toward a foreign listener who, while learning the language, gets to know more about the culture, traditions and values of Ukraine.


Spanish is a language spoken by around 500 million people in 22 countries. It is the second most desirable language to learn and it is also very easy for Ukrainians to acquire (easier than English)!


Quite a lot of foreigners while in Ukraine prefer to learn Russian as it is spoken in all former Soviet Union countries and is considered to be Ukraine’s unofficial second language.


Turkish is a language of the former powerful Ottoman Empire and is spoken by 100 million people in the world. Take your chance and start learning it today.


French is spoken as a first language in France and is the official language of Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and other 25 countries. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations.


If you need the Pole’s Card, plan to study in Poland or you want to speak Polish fluently, you are welcome to sign up for a Polish language course.


For those eager to try something completely different, we recommend a Japanese language course. Not only will you learn how to speak, read and write in Japanese, but you will also understand how Japanese people think.


Almost everybody will agree that nowadays it is more of a necessity than an advantage to speak English. More than 1.5 billion people in the world communicate in English. What is more, about 80 percent of all Internet resources are in English.


Germany and Austria try to support talented young people by giving them a chance to study and to do an internship in their countries. But to get a chance like this you must have a high level of German language skills. We will gladly help you obtain it.


While English is a language used in communication by 340 million people, Chinese is a native language of more than one billion. As China’s impact on the world economy and politics grows, so does the popularity of the Chinese language.


Arabic is an official language of more than 20 countries and it is a native language of 240 million people. By mastering it you will discover the unique culture of the East which played a big part in the development of modern civilization.


Latin language is not just the language of medicine, law and scientific works of Antiquity. It is also an attribute of an educated person. Knowledge of Latin will let you return to the roots of civilization and enhance your erudition.