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Khmelnytskyi: +38 (096) 970-78-76
Kamianets - Podilsky: +38 (067) 616-00-99


OLA Club

 Do you want to have a fun time while gaining more knowledge?

Then we invite you to our OLA Club. 

In Khmelnytskyi every Saturday at 2 p.m. (it’s best for you to call in advance to verify the time, because it can vary occasionally +380382-70-78-76) we meet up to discuss different topics: news, movies, songs, traditions, and the cultures of different countries.

During meet-ups you are not only immersed in the foreign language (speaking Ukrainian or Russian during meet-ups is strictly forbidden! :)), they also give you the opportunity to broaden your perspective, to learn many interesting facts about the cultures from the stories of travelers, foreigners and teachers from different countries.

Through attending our meet-ups in Khmelnitsky at the OLA Language School you do not only practice your conversation skills so you won’t forget the language, you also meet new friends. :)
OLA club activities are offered to students, within their language of study, free of charge. For those who are not students, the fee is 40 grn for every Saturday attended.

Learning a foreign language at the OLA Language School in Khmelnitsky you also have the possibility, completely free of charge, to:

- attend the movie sessions in the language you are learning (Friends TV Show at 1 pm on Saturdays);
- use the library of our language school (books from classics to J.K. Rowling);
- attend meet-ups where you can have casual conversations in the language you study;
- play Mafia game in English every Saturday at 3 pm.

In Kamianets Podilskyi OLA Club activities are organized on Sundays.
To find more information call (03849) 56-800 or (067) 616-00-99.

Come and take your friends with you. We are waiting for you!