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Russian for foreigners! Discover the language in the country where it is spoken!

For all those wishing to acquire a deep and thorough understanding of Russian!
Ola Language School offers fast and effective Russian courses for foreigners. Our experienced teachers will help you to overcome the difficulty in mastering the Russian language, giving you all of the necessary "tools" along the way. Alongside study of the Russian language in the classroom, our teachers provide practical lessons in real situations - on the streets, in shops, cafes, etc. Diving into live communication in this way is not only effective and stimulating but also fun.

We teach people of different nationalities, ages and levels of knowledge - from beginners to the advanced.
Our method gives good results and is aimed at developing and improving the skills of spoken Russian. Testing, which consists of both written and spoken parts will accurately determine the level of the student and guide the student in their choice of courses. Classes are tailored to each student, taking into account his individual aims and wishes in learning Russian. During a lesson a student can discuss those topics which most interest them. The duration of the program and frequency of tuition, will be decided by the student themselves based upon their personal aims and requirements.

A country like Ukraine has the natural language environment for learning Russian. Study Russian at school during the day, taking classes and then practice what you have learned then practice with people on the street. Meet the country and learn the language at the same time, it is the best way to learn a foreign language.

Every weekend you can travel to a different place, meet its people and discover Ukraine.

Travel options organized by the school:
To Kiev (one of the oldest cities in Europe, the capital of Ukraine)
To Lviv (another city with lots of history)
To Odessa (port city with its old and modern)
To Carpathians (mountainous area in western Ukraine where you can ski in winter)

At school we have volunteer programs where you can learn Russian teaching your native language. To learn more, contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions and we will do everything within our power to make your stay in Ukraine as pleasant as possible.

RUSSIAN languagein a group of 5-8 pplin a group of 4 PPLin a group of 3 PPLin a group of 2 PPLprivate lessons


Tuition for 8 classes two times a week for 1 hour 20 min

424 UAH 520 UAH 672 UAH 928 UAH 1800 UAH


Tuition for 8 classes two timesa week for 50 min

352 UAH 400 UAH 496 UAH 680 UAH 1280 UAH


Tuition for 8 classes two times a week for 50 min

560 UAH 640 UAH 800 UAH 1040 UAH 1600 UAH

For those who need instant results, we offer an intensive course, that consists of 3 to 6 sessions per week.
After graduation the student takes a test on successful completion of which a language proficiency certificate will be attained.

For more information, please call: 38(068)36-00-108 or +38(0382)70-78-76.