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Ola in Kamianets-Podilskyi

Ola School in Kamianetz-Podilskyi

Ola Language School, Kamianetz-Podilskyi, cordially invites you to study one of our foreign language ​​courses.

We offer learning in English, Spanish, German, Polish for Ukrainians, as well as Russian and Ukrainian courses ​​for foreigners.

Our method

Our English and Spanish teachers follow the Ola Communicative method, specially developed for school teachers. Starting to learn a language from scratch, at the end of the first lesson you will communicate in your new language with your teacher and fellow classmates. Every lesson you will further enrich your vocabulary. Each topic includes sections on grammar, vocabulary, listening and communication.

Number of students in a group

Each group consists of two to six students. Class sizes are optional, and prices vary accordingly. We teach in small groups, so that each student has the chance to express their views and to practice speaking: the most important part of learning a foreign language.

Ever thought of studying abroad?

Twice a year the school organizes trips abroad to study, accompanied by a teacher from the school. We work with a number of schools in England, Spain, Germany, France, the USA, Japan, China and Egypt. While studying a language with Ola, it’s possible to visit the country of origin, and to consolidate your knowledge in practice there. In addition to the learning, you can travel and relax; all quite inexpensively. In addition to language courses abroad, we provide consultation on higher education. We can help you enter some of the most prestigious universities in the world. For more information please contact the Manager of International Programs at (096) 5-66-11-66.

Will I be able to communicate with native speakers?

We regularly host native speakers from all over the world.

Thus, for example, studying English with your Ukrainian teacher, you will have the opportunity once a month (or more on demand,) to attend classes with native speakers: British, Americans or Canadians.

Pupils Ola at Kamenetz-Podolskyi may partake in free events held at Ola speaking club in Khmelnytskyi, these include: conversational classes for adults and children, watching and discussing interesting television series in a foreign language, and communicating on a wide variety of topics with native speakers.

Ola speaking club is held every Saturday at 14:00. Address: Khmelnytskyi, Pekarskyi Lane, 6, Ola Language School.  

A speaking club at Ola in Kamianetz-Podilskyi is held every Sunday at 12:00 and 13:00.